Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with Protected Vegetation Orders?

Your tree may be protected under council legislation. Before we get our equipment out, we have to be sure we’re not violating any laws. It’s up to you, the property owner, to obtain any required council clearances. It usually takes one simple phone call to your local council. However, if the tree is protected, you’ll need to apply for clearance. We would do this for you, but unfortunately we aren’t allowed to – it has to be you. If you need help understanding how to go through this process, we’ll be glad to help. Just let us know! For more information on protected vegetation, please see our Useful Links page.

What’s the difference between arborists and tree loppers?

Lopping is the act of cutting off massive chunks of a tree without any thought, planning or concern for the tree’s health. Qualified arborists understand tree biology and will never indiscriminately “lop” huge parts of your tree apart. We carefully select which branches to cut, trim and remove.

Are you insured, and do you have safety certificates?

Yes and yes. We’re insured for up to $20 million in public liability, and all our staff are formally trained in all required OH&S practices.

How does your pricing work?

All trees are different, so we always inspect your trees in person before giving a quote. Pricing is dependent on the difficulty of access, the size and type of tree, and the potential danger of the job.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Three words: Danger, danger, danger. You could hurt yourself or the tree, and you could be violating council regulations if the tree is protected. A poorly pruned tree can suffer and eventually die – they do not automatically heal themselves. Always call a qualified tree care professional first!

Can I keep the mulch or firewood?

Yes, of course! Just ask!

Do you clean up after yourselves?

Yes. We remove all waste matter and leave your property exactly as we found it.

Can you do large trees?

Yes. With our combination of equipment and climbers, we can handle any tree of any size.

Where do you service?

We’re based on the northside of Brisbane, but will travel anywhere within 30 minutes’ drive.

How soon can you do the work?

We usually complete the work within 10 business days at the most. It’s usually sooner, but this will depend on how busy we are and how far we’re travelling!