Palm cleaning & removal

The affordable palm tree experts

If you have palm trees on your property, you’ll know how much of a pain they can be. Common problem palms include Cocos Palms, Alexander Palms and Cotton Palms.

And because palms are so different to most other trees, it can be hard to find an arborist who knows exactly how to deal with cleaning, trimming or removing them.

Fortunately, Affordable Tree Service can help! With 40 years of experience working with trees of all shapes and sizes – including palms – you can leave it to us!

Our climbing-qualified arborists can scale your palm tree without damaging it, or if need be we can also use a cherry picker for high access.

Why clean a palm tree?

Cleaning your palm trees will improve the way your property looks while also improving their health and longevity.

These are just some of the issues we can help prevent:

  • Dead or dying fronds
  • Fallen or stuck fronds
  • Bird and bat-attracting berry pods
  • Dangerous fallen berries and seeds

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Palm tree removal

If any of your palm trees have become more trouble than they’re worth or you need to remove them to make space, Affordable Tree Service are the choice for you.

Because of their shape, palms can be problematic to remove, but nothing’s too difficult for our skilled team of qualified arborists. No matter how big or tall a palm tree is, we have the equipment and experience to remove it – safely, and with zero leftover mess.