The Local Tree Removal Professionals In Cashmere

If you have any trees that need attention – like pruning, or a hazardous tree that needs to come down, Trust the professionals at Affordable Tree Services to do the job. We are one of the few local tree service companies in Brisbane trusted by homeowners and businesses in Brendale. For over 40 years we’ve serviced the residents of Brendale from our base of operations, nearby, in Cashmere.

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45 Tosca Street Cashmere, QLD 4500

We are a family-owned local business, operating in the suburb of Brendale for 40+ years.

Emergency Local Tree Services Services 24/4

We offer a 24-hour emergency response service, to Brandale homes and business, when waiting for an appointment just isn’t an option. As an authorised contractor for major insurance companies including Allianz and Suncorp.

The Local Tree Experts Brendale

At Affordable Tree Service, we provided those living in Brendale with the very best quality tree services at the best prices. Others may offer lower prices, we found that to be reflective of their level of service they offer, compared to how we operate. We have provided tree removal and maintenance services for Brendale homes and businesses for the past 40+ years. From local tree trimming services to land clearing, we do it all.

More About Our Tree Services

To the residents and businesses of Brendale and the surrounding area, these are your local tree services provided by us at Affordable Tree Service.


Tree Trimming & Tree Maintenance

You need a tree cutting company for pruning, it’s essential to maintain the health and strength of the tree. By the trees to withstand strong winds whenever bad weather strikes. Book us for your tree pruning needs.

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Tree Removal Specialist

As a tree removal company, we will cut and remove all dead, dangerous, overhanging branches to keep people safe. It also improves the tree’s strength as well as making it even more beautiful to look at.

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Palm Cleaning and Palm Removal

We local tree trimming services, helping to maintain all types of palm trees. to withstand the (sometimes) windy QLD weather. This will help maintain its shape and also improve safety for people walking below it.

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Land Clearing & Site Preparation

Whenever you are building homes or developing for developing commercial properties, you will need the land cleared. We will clear the land to prepare for the first stages of the construction project.

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Tree Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

We grind any exposed stumps right back into the ground as this gives you a much cleaner, clearer appearance. We then fill the hole so that no-one will ever know there was a tree there.

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Storm & Emergency Response

We will always give a priority to the storm damage jobs we get. Unexpected storm whether can cause havoc, seriously damaging trees – putting people and properties in danger from any falling branches and trunks.

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