If you need to remove trees on Strata property, you need a professional Strata tree removal service. That’s where the team at Affordable Tree Service comes in.

We Service North Brisbane & Surrounding Suburbs

As North Brisbane locals, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our local community and surrounding suburbs with affordable tree removal – in particular strata tree removal services – they can count on. We service all North Brisbane properties and surrounding suburbs within 30 minutes of our location.

Not sure if we service your area? Give us a call to find out.

Quality Workmanship & Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to strata tree removal services, you need someone with experience in the industry, professional staff members who know the business of removing trees and specific knowledge of how to remove trees on strata property safely, efficiently and most importantly, legally.

Not all tree removal companies are qualified to remove trees on strata property, and it’s certainly not something you should attempt yourself.
As a full service business, Affordable Tree Service is one of the leading providers of Brisbane strata tree removal services, with the knowledge, expertise and certifications you can trust to deal with all approved removal of trees on strata property in accordance with Queensland laws and regulations.

At Affordable Tree Service, we’ve worked hard over the last 40 years to develop a team of experts with a commitment to excellence who will provide you with the most up-to-date information available regarding strata tree removal requirements. It’s because of this that our customers keep returning to us for all their strata tree removal needs time and again.

Cost Effective Strata Tree Removal Solutions for All

If you’re not careful, removing trees on strata property can become a costly affair. But not if you use Affordable Tree Service. Just as with all our other services, including body corporate and strata tree removal, we work hard to ensure our prices are affordable for everyone, no matter the limitations of your budget.

Looking for professional and reliable arborists to safely remove trees on strata property? You’ve found your solution with Affordable Tree Service.

What Our Strata Tree Removal Entails

Exactly how do we remove trees on strata property in accordance with legislative strata laws and regulations in Queensland? Here’s a list of some of the things our strata tree removal services entail when you hire us.

We will:

    • – Bring our own equipment to site


    • – Assess the site before removal


    • – Safely remove all trees on strata property as required


    • – Trim any dangerous trees on strata property


    • – Provide expert solutions to all your strata tree removal questions


    • – Clean up once your tree removal is complete


    • – Ensure the safety of you and all our staff members while on your premises


    • – Follow all Queensland strata tree removal legislation, regulations and requirements as governed by law


    – Provide you with an excellent tree removal service every time

Quick Turnaround Times

At Affordable Tree Service, we know that sometimes you need strata tree removal services quickly.

When you call us about removing trees on strata property, just as with all our other services, we will aim to schedule your job within 10 days of initial contact and will prioritise emergency situations as much as possible.

Need to organise the removal of trees on strata property, or want to know more about our strata tree removal solutions for you? Contact Affordable Tree Service today.