If you need a 24-hour emergency tree removal service you can rely on to remove dangerous trees this storm season, there’s no one better than Affordable Tree Service.

Rapid Response – 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal by Professionals

In Queensland, volatile weather – particularly during the warmer months of the year – usually means only one thing: fallen trees.
If you have fallen trees on your property that are a danger to your family, your property and neighbouring power lines, you need Affordable Tree Service for all your emergency and storm response 24-hour tree removal requirements.

Help! What Should I Do?

Affordable Tree Service is one of the leading providers of 24-hour tree removal services in the Moreton Bay and Brisbane areas, so we always recommend leaving the removal of dangerous trees till after storm damage to the professionals. That said, there are some things you should be aware of when contacting us for your 24-hour tree removal:

Never Attempt Tree Removal Yourself – Especially Near Power Lines

24-tree removal services such as those we provide after significant storm damage can be a dangerous business. As such, you should never attempt tree removal yourself – especially near fallen power lines which should be left to the experts.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you require our 24-hour emergency tree removal service, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance provider to request a claim number.
You will need to inform them of the damage and your need for a fully qualified tree removal specialist like us.

Call Us

We’re Brisbane’s go-to 24-hour tree removal service simply because we’re experts in the business.

For the last couple of decades, we’ve excelled in providing skilled, fully qualified arborists to meet all your tree removal needs, and are dedicated to providing you with safe, reliable and efficient 24 hour emergency tree removal services that will help you assist with the clean up associated with storm damage.

Available 24/7

As the name would imply, our 24 hour tree removal for emergency situations is indeed available 24/7. By calling one of our professionals, you can be guaranteed of an efficient, professional tree removal service when you need it time and again.

Fully Insured and Safety Conscious

At Affordable Tree Service, we can guarantee not only the safety of you and your family while we’re conducting our tree removal services, but that our fully qualified professional arborists will be adhering to only the strictest protocols as governed by both our company policy and laws.

Watch What We Do – How We Remove Trees

If you’ve never used Affordable Tree Service before, or are unfamiliar with the procedures involved with not only our regular tree removal services, but our 24 hour emergency tree removal service – click on the below video to check out how it’s done.

If you require dangerous trees removed at your property through our 24 hour tree removal service, call the professionals on 0411 599 995 for a service you can trust.

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