Professional Tree Services

With over four decades of experience in the Brisbane tree lopping business, you can trust that Affordable Tree Service has the expertise to get the job done right.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to become the premier provider of Brisbane tree-related services, and our continued success has allowed us to provide a more comprehensive range of services to our customers. With such a phenomenal amount of green space in and around the North Brisbane region, it always pays to respect the potential hazards that aging trees can pose. It goes without saying then, that sometimes you need Brisbane-based tree services, provided by skilled Brisbane arborists, to ensure that you can co-exist with the magnificent trees on your property with complete safety and peace of mind.

Our name says it all, Affordable Tree Service is three individual parts that go together to provide you with the very best tree lopping in Brisbane. Each part is essential to providing quality service that you can depend on, and our team of expert arborists in Brisbane are at the heart of our operations. Here’s how we structure our business around your needs:



We’re part of your community, that’s why we believe that tree lopping in North Brisbane shouldn’t cost you the earth. We work hard to ensure that every service we provide gives our customers the best possible value for money while also maintaining the highest standard of service we can offer. The trade of tree cutting in Brisbane is one built on creating a safer standard of living on your property. That’s why we think that price should never come in between you and your peace of mind.

We price our services in order to stay competitive in our region, that means when we say ‘Brisbane tree services’, we mean that our business is built from the ground up to meet the budgets of our Brisbane based clients.