How Does Weather Affect Trees?

How Does Weather Affect Trees?

How does volatile weather in Queensland affect trees?

In this article, we’ll discuss how different types of weather events – from high winds to heatwaves and floods – can affect trees. We’ll also talk about how Affordable Tree Service can help with sick or dying trees. 

How Weather Affects Trees

Extreme weather can affect many living things, even trees. But just how are trees affected by the temperature and conditions? Here we’ll go into detail. 

High Winds

Storm damage from high winds could result in fallen or broken trees. Not only may this negatively impact the tree itself, it could also cause massive damage to the plant life around it.


Too much rain reduces oxygen for tree roots. This leads to wilting, brown leaves. Sometimes you may even see a chalky mildew, which is when fungal disease can spread.


Trees affected by flooding may show signs of:
– discolouration or yellowing
– weakening
– loss of foliage
– disrupted growth
– dying growth around crown

Flooding can disrupt the oxygen and carbon dioxide production of a tree or shrub, which is why growth may be stunted. In some cases, you mightn’t realise a tree has  been negatively affected by floods until it flowers next (or fails to do so).

Floods also affect the pH levels as well as increasing the risk of chemical damage and diseases like root rot. To help your trees recover from the effects of flooding, you should remove debris and surrounding damaged trees, use fertiliser and aerate your soil.

However, not all trees will be able to be saved from the effects of flooding, so if you’re concerned, you should contact your professional arborist.


Heatwaves cause your tree to use up more water than it would normally. During extreme humidity, you should water trees two to three times a week. But, be sure that you aren’t watering in the middle of the day, when humidity is at its highest.

How Affordable Tree Service Can Help

As a homeowner, you want to be sure you’re getting the right advice to maintain the health of your trees. And this is something you can be certain of when you contact our professionals at Affordable Tree Service.

Our qualified and highly skilled team members can assist with any number of services to maintain your trees, from stump grinding and land clearing, to health assessments, storm preparation, tree removal and so much more.

To find out more about how the weather affects your trees – and how we can assist you, contact the experienced team at Affordable Tree Service. 

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Tips For Dealing With Storm Season

Storm Damage Tree Cleanup

Storm damages are on the rise in recent years for both homes and trees. As professional arborists, storm damage tree cleanup is something commonly deal with, we have a Storm and Emergency Response team set up to deal with tree storm damage quickly. We deal with everything from flooding to tree uprooting. By simply planning for precautions, you can protect yourself, your home and your trees.