Signs of Wood Rot in Trees

Worried your trees might have wood rot, but can’t be sure? Our experts will talk you through the signs.

Wood rot is a death sentence for most trees. While there are some treatments on the market, for the most part all they really do is delay the inevitable. In this article, we’ll discuss

some of the common signs of wood rot, when they appear and where to go for professional assistance.

Common Indicators of Wood Rot 

While we have talked about tree diseases in other articles, it’s worth further investigation into the signs of one of the most deadly: wood and root rot. Here, we’ll discuss the symptoms in more detail.

Hanging or Dead Branches

If hanging or dead branches are becoming more commonplace around your tree, it may be an indication of wood rot.

Remove these branches as soon as possible and consult an arborist for an accurate diagnosis and (if possible), potential treatment.


As a fungi-based disease, mushrooms at the base of your tree – especially if they keep returning – is a clear indication you may have wood rot. If this is the case, you will need to call the experts at Affordable Tree Service for assistance and advice on how to proceed.

Moss or Ferns 

Once you see moss or ferns start to appear on your tree, you probably have damaged roots. As such, seeking professional help from our team is highly recommended.

Yellow Leaves 

Yellow leaves (or those with brown tips) can be a sign of wood rot. But, it is also a common symptom of a number of tree diseases. Consultation with a qualified arborist to get a correct diagnosis is something you will want to look into before jumping in to remove your tree.

Hollow Trunk 

You can test whether your tree is hollow by tapping on it with a rubber mallet. But you also want to be careful not to damage the tree, especially if it’s already sick. Again, this is something we can assist with so when you need help, you should give us a call.

When Do Signs of Wood Rot Appear in Trees (And How to Treat It)? 

Unfortunately, when symptoms of wood rot appear in trees, it’s already too late. By the time you’re able to notice the changes, it has already progressed.

The only thing you can really do is maintain the dying tree by removing branches, and limiting the spread to the sick tree so it doesn’t infect any of your other plants.

Prevention is ultimately the best method of treatment when it comes to wood rot.

By engaging the assistance of professional arborists like those on our team and initiating a strict regime of pruning and maintaining your trees on a regular basis, you can help prevent them becoming sick in the first place.

Where to Go for Assistance 

If you suspect your tree may have fallen victim to wood rot, or you want to organise a professional tree removal service, you can’t go past Affordable Tree Service.

With decades of experience in the industry, our qualified arborists have seen it all, and can assist you with a professional, efficient service each and every time.

Find out more about the range of services we have available, or book an appointment by getting in touch with us today.